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About Bruce Schimmel

Bruce Schimmel founded the alternative newsweekly, the Philadelphia City Paper, which he sold in 1996, and where he wrote a weekly column on civic issues until 2010. Now retired, Schimmel helps individuals and organizations produce mini-documentaries in the public interest.

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UArts Podcasting Course – 2010

Just finished a second year teaching teachers to make audio slideshows in their classrooms. For a sampler of their work and a syllabus you can swipe, please visit here.

Current Op-Ed Column

Loose Canon Column
Current story for “Loose Canon,” my column on civic issues in the Philadelphia City Paper, since 1996.  (Awards: Second, PA Newspaper Publishers; Third, Keystone Society of Professional Journalists)

Breaking the Mold

A City Paper feature story about a friendship between an Amish farmer and a Mt Airy foodie that helped spawn local artisanal cheese-making. Food Feature, City Paper, 7 August 2003

Driving Down

A favorite City Paper column about my symbiotic relationship to my car. “Driving Down”

Torture by Hire

A column that detailed the troubling trend by the CIA to outsource torture. Editorial, 2 January, 2003

From Pest to Pesto

Lance Haver, the man who threw stones, is now trying to make a living in a greenhouse. (Winner, Business Story, Society of Professional Journalists, Phila.)  City Paper cover story,  Oct 3, 2002


Tree House Books Visits Glenwood Green Acres

This is a pilot for a series I’m doing on Tree House Books, which creates community in Northcentral Philly through reading, writing and thinking. See it here.

Garden Variety Artists

The Schuylkill Center asked several artists last spring, to think green and get dirty. Simon Draper is one of six artists they let loose in an abandoned farm, where he created “Drawn in / Drawn to the Garden.”   More

Hot Roofs, Cool Jobs.

It’s hot in North Philly, and it’s going to get hotter for Nastasha, who’s about to crawl into Roxie’s roof. More

Horseshoe Crab Sanctuary

Feature story, NPR, “All Things Considered.” Horseshoe Crab Sanctuary

Kate Makes a Salad

From the Braykewynde Chronicles

Making Dumplings

NFCB, “Golden Reel” National Winner. WSCL: Life on Delmarva Series

Prison Messiah

Associated Press, Wash/Baltimore, Best Documentary. WSCL: December 2001

Punkin’ Chunkin’

All about rural Delaware’s gourd-hurtling contest. (Winner: National First Prize, PRNDI) Punkin’ Chunkin’

Red Tide Poison

Enterprise story for NPR’s “Living on Earth” about formerly benign algae that now produce neurotoxins. (Winner: National 2nd Prize, PRNDI.) Red Tide Poison


The Story Finder

beachlife-7041“Bruce Schimmel wears many creative hats, but above all, he’s a listener, searching for what people have to say” –Delaware Beach Life magazine (pdf), July 2004.

Sonic Squad Youth Radio Documentary


“Squirrelly-Mae”: What happens when a wild animal literally drops into a family’s life, by Hannah Williamson, age 9. Listen

“Pancakes with Grandpop”: Alexis Heuring, age 9, describes an embarrassing moment that’s become a family legend. Listen

“The Last Hug”: 11-year-old Alec says goodbye to a beloved companion. Listen